Good morning, amazing salespeople and businesspeople! It continues to be a privilege to be able to encourage, teach, and motivate all of you each and every week. As always, my hope is that you take the information you’re getting and take ACTION! Without implementation, all we’re left with is a list of great ideas …

In my post the other day I connected the numbers game that we face every day when we go out to lead generate to the Bell Curve … hopefully it was a reminder that, for the most part, whatever happens when we contact people is exactly what is SUPPOSED TO happen when we contact any group of people. Some good … some not so good … most of them right in the middle as far as their response to us.

Today, I wanted to share with you a great thought that another agent and friend gave me many years ago. It has to do with how we deal with that small percentage of people we encounter who seem to take delight in not only ~being~ miserable, but also seem to enjoy passing it on! This agent said that every time someone was exceptionally rude or obnoxious and their attitude was threatening to get into his OWN head and take him off of his plan, he would just visualize that person reaching into his pocket and stealing his wallet. And the truth is, if we let those people affect our thinking to the point where we don’t make that next call, we don’t stay focused and positive for the remainder of our prospecting session, or we just stop doing our job … haven’t they, in effect, stolen money from us?

How much money are YOU willing to lose to the unreasonable, insulting, or abusive person you encounter today? Remember it IS your choice. The next contact you make just might be the appointment you’ve been looking for … but what chance do you have of converting it if you’re still angry or are operating from a discouraged mindset?

The next time you find yourself dealing with this type of situation realize what is about to happen if you ‘absorb’ the negativity. It will ALWAYS cost you something … the question is, are you okay paying that price? Instead—let’s just get out there and make today count!

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